I denne sektion finder du en række artikler, der kan bidrage til ny inspiration og fagligviden om forskellige emner relateret til projekt, program og porteføljestyring.

The revolution & evolution of the PMBOK® Guide leads the way of the future

PMI is going through a transformation, so is our profession and so are the standards. The purpose of this article is to follow up on the webinars on the PMBOK 7. Edition which were arranged by the Danish PMI chapter in May 2021 and give a unique insight from working firsthand with the development of the PMBOK Guide 7. Edition.

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PMBOK 7 edition – Tailoring Makes all the Difference


Tailoring the project development approach is a bit like tailoring clothes based on individual measurements—we plan and execute projects according to individual project objectives and the characteristics of the project. Since each project is unique, it is important to understand that project management processes will likely need to be adjusted to ensure the project’s success. Project customizations consider that project management processes are not “one size fits all,” which means that there will be many times where processes need to be adjusted to ensure project success.

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PMBOK 7. Edition – Project Work: The Art of Orchestrating Sound


Project work is about orchestrating the range of project activities in such a way that the team aligns to produce the desired result. We all love music and hopeful you will feel the same when you see what we have done with the new PMBOK 7 edition. We introduce eight project performance domains which are a group of related activities that are critical for the effective delivery of project outcomes. Project performance domains are interactive, interrelated, and interdependent areas of focus that work in unison to achieve desired project outcomes, just like making marvelous music.

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